Derwent Academy Watercolour Pan Set, Paint Brush and Mixing Palete

£9.70 inc VAT


The Derwent Academy watercolour pan set, paint brush and mixing palette. The Derwent Academy range of watercolours is specially designed to be affordable for those wanting to try their creative hand at watercolour painting. The brush is of a good quality and the 12 full size pans of paint allow your painting to have a depth of colour. These watercolour paints are suitable for creating fluid, watercolour paintings. The individual colours in the set can be mixed to provide a wide range of additional shades. The Derwent Academy watercolour tin has a useful three section palette in the lid for easy mixing leaving you with endless colour possibilities.

  • High-quality watercolour paints in a wide range of rich and vibrant colours, perfect for students and hobbyists
  • 12 watercolour paints made from rich pigments, allowing you to create vibrant transparent washes of colour, for a variety of painting techniques. Can be used alone or mix with other painting mediums.
  • Can be used straight from the pan or mix on the palette , ideal for fluid watercolours paintings. Individual colours can be mixed to provide a wealth of shades
  • Tin has a useful 3 section palette in the lid for easy mixing
  • Contains 1 Derwent academy watercolour pan set of 12 full size pans (acid yellow, orange, red, dark blue, blue, dark green, light green, yellow ochre, terracotta, burnt umber, black and white), paint brush and tin.